Identifying Inefficiencies To Help Tesla Build Better And Faster

Successful implementation of a dewatering system early in construction would have saved Tesla weeks, possibly longer, to get to where they are today. Although we never had the chance to implement our dewatering solution at the Gigafactory in Texas, our team would love to help increase build efficiency on Tesla’s future construction projects.

The Problem

At the end of 2020, we spent some time on-site at the Gigafactory in Texas and identified a major inefficiency. The site was flooding, delaying construction, and creating additional costs. As seasoned construction consultants, we had a solution for them that we were ready to share.

Our Solution

About Us



Korbis is a construction process consulting company with specializations in concrete construction. We believe that it is possible to harness the power of technology to revolutionize the way problems are solved. Our passion lies in our desire to connect teams on an elevated scale, transforming the way we collaborate.

Devin Hunter

Principal Consultant

Devin Hunter is the founder of Korbis and has owned and operated a concrete construction business in the midwest since 2004. With a focus on problem-solving, he evolved his business from a small architectural concrete operation to a large-scale flatwork company. Through his years of experience in the construction industry, he began to see the unrealized potential for applied technologies in the field. He began to insert virtual project management and analysis techniques into his own concrete business, inevitably developing a new vision for process improvement and risk management. It’s his goal to redefine the way clients, owners and stakeholders connect with projects.

Hey Tesla!

Contact us to learn how we can help you move faster into the future.

Group 245

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